Atapaka, largest home of spot-billed pelican

Atapaka Bird Sanctury, located in Kolleru Lake, has been identified as one of the biggest spot-billed pelican habitats in the world. Last year more than 5000 pelicans were counted at the Sanctuary.

As per the Asian Water Bird Census, about 22,000 grey headed pelicans are spread across the globe, of which about 35 to 40 per cent were roosting at Atakapa Bird Sanctuary. Though there were many water bodies in the country, thousands of pelicans are breeding at Atapaka, which can also be called as the biggest breeding centre.

Atapaka sanctuary is a natural habitat for birds in Andhra Pradesh. Forest Department is planning to develop the sanctuary into a tourist hub. Tourists from far off places are visiting the place to have a glimpse of the grey headed pelicans. Kolleru attracts pelicans, painted stroks, grey herons, black-tailed godwits, stilts.

Why in NEWS :

A major portion of the Kolleru Lake has dried up this year. Because of the drought-like situation many species are flying off to nearby water bodies in search of food.

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